Today, The Speaker Hon. Azhar Mbarak informed the House that, HE The Governor ISSA TIMAMY has nominated the following for the positions of County Executive Committee Members (CECM)
1. Mr. Mohamed Mbwana Ali – CECM for Finance, Budget, Strategy and Economic Planning
2. Mr. James Gichu – CECM for Agriculture, Irrigation and Food Security
3. Ms. Tashrifa Bakari Mohamed – CECM for Lands, Physical Planning, Urban Development, Energy, Water and Natural Resources, Infrastructure and Public Works
4. Mr. Owanga Sabastian Aduong’a – CECM for Education, ICT, Gender, Youth Affairs, Sports, Community Development and Social Services
5. Mr. Faiz Fankupi Abushiri – CECM for Fisheries, Blue Economy, LiveStock and Co-operative Development
6. Ms. Aisha Abdalla Miraj – CECM for Tourism, Culture, Trade and Investment and
7. Mr. Mbarak Mohamed Mbarak – CECM for Health Services, Sanitation and Environment.
The Speaker committed the list to different committees to start the process of vetting
The Assembly has approved the appointment of Mr. Mukhlis Hamid Sultan and Mrs.Fahima Araphat Abdalla to be members of the County Assembly Service Board.
The Assembly is adjourned until Thursday, 10, November 2022 at 2:30 p.m.

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